6 Overlooked Ways To Keep Your Pennies In Your Pocket

No one wants to be a “pinch-penny” or to be known as the “that tightwad guy” but with everything around us climbing higher and higher in price, we really don’t have much of a choice. It’s time to get smart with our money and learn to save in little ways that can grow into big savings.

1. CHECK YOU RECEIPTS. I’m checking mine now on a regular basis, I’ve found that it’s not always pennies but sometimes dollars that are rung up wrong. Over the course of a few times, this can add up to a nice amount of money back into your pocket. Most stores don’t do this on purpose (the computer age, don’t we just love it?) so just bring it to the attention of customer service for a refund.

2. GET YOUR BOOKS FOR FREE. How about a place where you can get all the books you want to read for free? It’s called the PUBLIC LIBRARY! Thousands of books for all ages, all interests and all for free!! When you think that you’re paying $10.00 to $25.00 and up per book that you read and just set on your bookshelf, probably to never touch again, you can see how much you could save over a year’s time.

If you just have to have the book, try finding it at one of the half price stores or a used bookstore. Most will take requests.

3. INTERNET COUPONS. There a literally hundreds of sites on the internet that have coupons for just about anything you could want from an oil change, cutting your hair or your dogs, getting your teeth cleaned to personal products and of course, food. You sign up at the site, decide which coupons you want and print them out. What could be easier and you save on products you use everyday.

4. TURN OFF THE HEAT. Many dishwashers come with a control that allows you to turn off the heating element during the drying cycle. If you don’t have one, just set a timer as a reminder and turn the dishwasher off.

During the winter months, open the door all the way to let the dishes dry-adds humidity to the air. During the summer, wait a few minutes after turning it off (gives the hot air inside time to cool down) and then open just a few inches to let the dishes air-dry.

5. MAKE YOUR BATH SOAP LAST LONGER. Buy your favorite brand of bath soap, open both ends of the paper wrapper and place on a shelf in your linen closet, on a closet shelf with blankets or in your dresser drawer. Why are you doing this?

When you allow the soap to air dry for about 30 days it will last about 50% longer when you use it. By placing on a shelf or drawer it acts as a potpourri sachet.

6. MONTHLY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT. If you must carry a balance on your credit card and are only paying the minimum amount each month, begin now to pay your card weekly instead.

If your monthly payment is $100.00 per month, make weekly payments of $25.00 instead. Interest is accrued daily to your unpaid balance, so paying weekly instead of just once a month will reduce your owed interest greatly over time and get that balance back down to where it should be–$0.00.

“A penny saved is a penny earned” has never looked better!

Ruth Walby